Te Anau and its district – a destination

The Milford Opportunities Project sees Te Anau as the hub for visiting Milford Sound Piopiotahi and a destination in its own right.

It believes it is essential to support the Fiordland Community Board, Destination Fiordland and Great South in the development of a destination management strategy and the implementation of that strategy.

We are working with Ngāi Tahu to consider how their identity will be expressed in Te Anau.

These initiatives would also be subject to local authority planning management.

Some ideas for the strategy work are to:

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Create new walking/cycling tracks connecting into Te Anau

This concept would build up the range of supplementary walking and cycling experiences (of different durations) that visitors could undertake from the town.

The objective would be to strengthen the range of Te Anau based experiences on offer and encourage visitors to see the town as both a regional accommodation and experience hub.

This would lead to visitors both basing themselves in Te Anau and staying for longer.

f v2. cultural centre

Develop a Milford corridor and Piopiotahi experience hub in Te Anau

This hub would deliver visitors information on Foirdland’s cultural significance, history, natural environment, geology and conservation.

It would contain static and interactive interpretation displays, audio-visual and guided experiences.

It plays an essential role anchoring the start of the Milford Sound Piopiotahi experience in Te Anau.

It would be an attraction in its own right and be joined to the Te Anau transport hub/bus interchange.

a. hop on bus

Develop a Te Anau transport hub/bus interchange

This hub is essential for providing the starting point for a bus focused visitor transport model into Milford Sound Piopiotahi.  

It would enable a reduction in rental and private vehicle numbers into Piopiotahi and visitor access to be spread out more evenly throughout the day, giving a better experience and strengthening Te Anau as a regional accommodation hub.


e. family friendly

Develop new family-friendly experiences in the basin

As part of a drive to strengthen Te Anau as a visitor hub, existing nearby sites such as a Brod Bay campground could be developed further into family friendly short stay or short stop experiences.

This would see the potential inclusion of additional short loop walks, toilets, observation points, a forest observation tower, and linkages to adjoining sites of interest, such as the Hidden Lakes.

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Redesign the Te Anau waterfront and town centre, including ideas such as hot pools on the lakefront

Making as much as possible of the Te Anau waterfront and town centre assets; this idea could see the development of such things as lakefront hot pools, walking and cycling paths and new landscaping. Initiatives would be designed to improve the year-round experience for residents and visitors alike.


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