Behind the story of Milford Sound Piopiotahi

The opportunity exists to reassess how we are governing, managing, and developing Milford Sound Piopiotahi. The telling of the Piopiotahi story also needs to be brought together in a fresh coherent and visionary way.  The area’s infrastructure needs to protect both the natural environment and visitors to ensure it remains a world class natural environment. To achieve this, we are considering the following ideas:

a. values

Development and management decisions could be led by one governance entity

In order to streamline management and development decisions associated with Milford Sound Piopiotahi and the Milford Road corridor, a single governance entity could be established.

MA I259790 TePapa Mitre Peak Milford Sound full

Rebrand to recreate the Piopiotahi story

Milford Sound Piopiotahi would benefit from a rebranding initiative that ideally would form part of a wider full redesign of the sub-regional tourism proposition. This would reinforce the objectives of the project and would drive home to potential visitors that there are multiple opportunities on offer rather than just a few.

f. infrastructure

Develop better facilities and infrastructure for basic services such as water, wastewater, power and communication

Much of the infrastructure within Milford Sound Piopiotahi and the Milford Road corridor is old and under pressure from visitor demands and the impacts of the natural environment. More robust fit for purpose infrastructure up to modern environmental standards should now be developed. Appropriate access and separation between users of Deep Water Basin is currently being investigated.


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