The team

Board for stage three

Keith Turner

Dr Keith Turner

Retired, director Tauranga

I was appointed as independent Chair of the Governance Group because of my long and deep association with Fiordland (through involvement with Manapouri) and also because of my 15 years of leading governance experience (including chair/deputy chair of several NZ iconic companies). Milford Sound Piopiotahi is an icon of New Zealand tourism, and indeed international tourism. It has high value to those who come to see it and we have a duty to protect it. The Milford road and indeed the whole corridor is part of that journey.

Muriel 3

Muriel Johnstone

Ngai Tahu, Riverton, Aparima

As mana whenua we are obligated and desire to protect this great treasure now and into the future. It isn’t to lock others out but to work together to ensure it remains the most magnificent place it is to visit – its stories shared and told for mana whenua.

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Michael Skerrett

Ngai Tahu

I have more than 30 years’ experience in environmental issues and Te Tiriti O Waitangi promotion through being a Ngai Tahu board member and managing Te Ao Marama. I believes Milford Opportunities is a great opportunity to focus on environmental, conservation and cultural issues while still enhancing the visitor experience of Piopiotahi. I have been part of the working group on the project since stage one and believe it is a true partnership between mana whenua and the government departments, local government and business.

When Maori arrived in Aotearoa, it was a whole new world and they had to adapt to the new environment. They learnt lessons and are keen to share their knowledge so the mistakes do not continue to be made. I want to add value to the project – our role as tangata whenua in the project should help as we want the same thing.

MOP Bill Dday

Bill Day

Company Director, Wanaka

I have a long-term love of Fiordland.  For most of our visitors, Milford Sound Piopiotahi is all that they see of Fiordland.  We need to make sure that those visitors have an experience that recognises Piopiotahi’s place on this planet while also respecting its history.
I hope to bring to the governance group table specific abilities around marine and aviation along with 40 years of corporate experience.


MOP Michelle Trapski

Michelle Trapski

Director, Queenstown

I am interested in collaborating with all MOP stakeholders to rigorously test the core components and concepts of the masterplan against a real-time commercial feasibility process of intended deliverables
I hope to guide conversation and decision making around a tourism model for the future, a customer experience that is not rushed, congested and chaotic, infrastructure that can ensure visitation demand aligns with conservation and cultural values and a commercial model that is self-funded in perpetuity.

MOP Andrew Patterson

Andrew Patterson

Architect, Auckland

Milford Sound Piopiotahi is an iconic environment, on a national as well as an international level, and it’s a privilege to be part of the Governance Group leading the way in its protection and promotion. I also firmly believe that the architecture profession has a significant role to play in leadership on issues related to place. Being part of the Governance Group for stage three allows me to walk this talk. My architectural practice is built around responding to our unique Aotearoa / New Zealand environment and I look forward to tapping into this as part of my role.




DSC01301 v2

Cameron McIntosh

Southland District Council chief executive, Invercargill

Milford Opportunities is one of those projects which has the chance to change how we manage our stories, our places and our wairua (spirit). Piopiotahi is a special place for all New Zealanders and we, through Milford Opportunities, have the chance to enhance the manmade elements, protect the conservation values and address the cultural and historic aspect that has been missed for so long.

I am excited to be part of this opportunity and am committed to providing localism and community, as well as an understanding of the regulatory environment, to the decision-making processes.

IMG 6262

Wilma Falconer

Chief Executive
Environment Southland

Fiordland Te Rua o te Moko holds a special place for many of us. I am very pleased that protecting this unique landscape for current and future generations will form an important part of the next stage of the Milford Opportunities project.  As the marine and coastal regulator for Murihiku Southland, Environment Southland Te Taiao Tonga has a vital role to play in supporting the project Board as it progresses its thinking about infrastructure design for Milford Sound Piopiotahi; ensuring key environmental, human health and safety values are front of mind.

MOP Heather Kirkham

Heather Kirkham

General Manager, Tourism, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Recently been appointed as the General Manager, Tourism. She previously worked in a range of senior roles in both the public and private sectors, including the UK and New Zealand Treasuries.

For MBIE, the Milford Opportunities Project provides a test case for developing solutions to address challenges inherent in tourism in New Zealand, including those in other high-pressure areas.

While Milford Sound Piopiotahi is a key visitor icon, it’s important to provide an accessible world-class visitor experience, while upholding its World Heritage status, national park and conservation values.

MOP Angela Parker

Angela Parker

Ministry of Transport

I manage the Ministry of Transport’s Placemaking and Urban Development team and represent these policy interests in the Milford Opportunities Project. The masterplan has the potential to transform Piopiotahi and surrounding areas to ensure its magical qualities can endure for many more generations.

It is very exciting to be a part of this project.